Mobilizing A New Food Economy

An Introduction to Harvester and Our Mission

Who are we?

Have you ever been asked the question where does your food really come from? It might bring up some frightening realities. Both my business partner and I were confronted with this challenge over the course of the past few years. It sent us traveling to numerous cities including Singapore, Amsterdam, Boston, Los Angeles, Madrid, etc. to learn about the truth behind our food and also to try to make changes in the food supply chain. We’ve networked with many players in the space to see how leaders are paving the way towards a more sustainable future and we’re determined to make an impact.

In the words of my cofounder Alex Welch:

 “After lots of research, reflection and discussions I reached out to Matthew (me), a close friend and fellow urban agriculture pioneer to ask ourselves …… “Is this the most effective thing we can be doing?”

We were both actively exploring and working on ways to tackle issues related to agriculture. While both approaching the problem from an extremely emotional standpoint rather then a rational one.

Personally it was my mission to prove that less popular methods of urban farming such as aquaponics could be implemented and replicated on a small scale while still being affordable and sustainable.

I realised I had strayed away from the main issue and the reason behind why I decided to get involved in the industry at all.

My interest in agriculture stemmed from the acknowledgement that the industry accounts for a huge portion of environmental pollution.

Along with the realisation that there are a huge amount of individuals who want to get involved with projects that promote sustainability, healthy living, or consume healthy produce.

As urbanization increases there is a pressing need to develop a smarter agriculture supply chain.”

I was actively researching at AgTechX, Brooklyn’s first urban agriculture co-working space when Alex and I met. She was in town to network and after a few weeks was accepted into Fast Forward London to pursue her passions! After a few Skype calls and sharing of ideas back and forth from across the pond Harvester was born and we became a team!! :)

We need a smarter way to feed the world

For thousands of years, humankind has grown plants in man-made fields; wrongly referred to as ‘nature’. Traditional growing methods have been optimized through the development of pesticides and fertilizers.

We need to become smarter about global crop production and distribution. Production must be done in a sustainable way, which allows plants to reach their full potential while not using pesticides or depleting natural resources. Distribution chains must be transformed, as food should be grown locally, where consumers live or ingredients are needed. We must also ensure that crops are always affordable, safe, nutritious and tasty.

The agriculture market has been one of the most volatile in history. Essentially, urban agriculture is huge market with untapped economic opportunity. We’re in pre-mature market conditions with agriculture accounting for 10% Global GDP and there’s been a historic lack of investment in the space due to a lack of data to make informed decisions.

There’s potential for seismic industry shifts. Fundamental supply and demand shifts are driving change (smart ag & consumer trends). There is also easy access to international markets with increasing globalization and urbanization.

Helping Plants Reach Their Full Potential. Grown Locally

We are assembling a team of Harvesters that want to revolutionize urban agriculture and bring plants to life in a time x space x water efficient manner. We will help farmers improve brand awareness, knowledge & reputation to support the growth of the industry overall by providing tools to enable urban farmers to thrive and prosper.

Our goal is to power an on demand economy and help urban agriculture to thrive and prosper. We aim to utilize technology to improve the global supply chain for agricultural products, build community and support thegrowth of sharing economies, and allow for a democratization of the food industry. Cutting edge technology in agriculture can help feed everyone on the planet.

We aim to grow CommunitiesIdeas and Knowledge in the urban farming sector. If you are working on anything similar and want to collaborate get in touch! //