The Future of Food: Meetup Series Launch

Imagine a city that produces more than it wastes?

What if cities could produce all the food needed to feed its inhabitants?

What if we could change or even get rid of transportation, cold chains, and packaging around food altogether?

The good news is: together, we can!

Our names are Alessio D'Antino and Alexandra Welch, two food tech founders on a mission to unite and grow the food tech space here in London. After having spent the last few years working in the food industry & volunteering in the urban agriculture and food space; we recognized the variety of challenges present for businesses and consumers who are looking to operate within this industry. Together with Forward Fooding and Silicon Roundabout, we are happy to announce the launch of our brand new food tech meetup Series “The Future of Food”.With these events, we want to bring together the foodie and the techie communities to enable their people to connect, share and collaborate to build new ventures at the intersection of food and technology.

These meetups will include startup pitches, keynotes with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, panel discussions, fireside chats and more. Bringing together startups and corporates alike looking to disrupt the food space through innovative, creative and sustainable solutions.

Forward Fooding is a global network for entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs that provide the necessary support and velocity to enable collaborations and partnerships between established food organizations and startups. Their mission is to foster food innovation to redesign our current food system. They believe entrepreneurship can make a difference in solving some of the biggest issues that are affecting our current food system. That combined with the infrastructure and expertise from corporates is the ‘secret sauce’ to create a brighter future of food.

Silicon Roundabout is the biggest tech meetup group in London with over 13,000 members. It has become the ideal place for tech entrepreneurs, developers, and professionals in London to meet, share ideas and connect. Their mission is to help innovators develop new technologies and convert their innovation into real business success. They provide free valuable entrepreneurship resources and connections for startups to launch successful ventures.

Together we aim to bridge the gap between the technology and food space. Bringing together innovators and foodies alike to tackle real human challenges. We strongly believe Food Tech is not only an industry but a people movement and we want as many people as possible to contribute to its development… So come down and enjoy some delicious food while we sit down with some amazing companies redefining the food scene without compromising our taste buds, wallets or the planet!

Our first event will take place on the 15th of November. We have capped the session to 100 people, so snag your free ticket here before they run out!

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A bit more about the founders:

Alexandra is the founder and CEO of Harvester.CityHarvester is a two-sided crowd-sharing platform for members of the urban agriculture community. Organized by user profiles, Harvester allows business and individuals the ability to connect and collaborate through the sharing of ideas, knowledge, resources, and data from different functions within the supply chain.

Before Harvester Alex working and volunteering in the Urban Agriculture space. Beginning with designing and exploring the feasibility around 3D printed aquaponic indoor growing units for both consumer and post-aid disaster relief. She had first hand experienced the difficulties and challenges facing the industry leading her to the desire to create Harvester.City. When she is not wearing her plant pioneer hat, she is working freelance for a variety of food + tech startups looking to disrupt their industry.

Alessio is the founder & CEO at ForwardFooding, the world’s first collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry. In 2014, he founded Crowdfooding with the aim of broadening access to capital for food and FoodTech entrepreneurs and ever since started to build a community of innovators tackling some of biggest challenges affecting our food system.

With Forward Fooding he now works with companies of all sizes with their endeavours of understanding how entrepreneurship, collaboration, and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future of food. Alessio regularly speaks and consults food company on technology and investment models to foster food innovation. A global citizen at heart he has lived and worked in Italy, South Korea, Australia, US and UK where he is currently based. He very much enjoys connecting passionate food people when not trying new forms of food.