We imagine a world where we create the story behind our food. We’re motivated by a triple bottom line approach: people, planet, as well as profit. 


Our Beginning

Hi there, Alex here! One crazy foodie on a mission to help transform the way we produce and consume food. After spending the last two years working & volunteering in the urban agriculture and food space; I recognised the variety of challenges present for business and consumers looking to support operate within this industry. 

My interest in agriculture stemmed from the acknowledgement that the industry accounts for a huge portion of environmental pollution.

Along with the realisation that there are a huge amount of individuals who want to get involved with projects that promote sustainability, healthy living, or consume healthy produce.

As urbanisation increases there is a pressing need to develop a smarter agriculture supply chain. 

By 2050, two billion more people are expected to live on this planet and over ⅔ of them will live in cities . In a world that is already experiencing detrimental damage in the management of our natural resources, you have yourself a market ripe for innovation and creative sustainable solution! 


“The key to harnessing the power of agricultural data lies in democratising innovation, making it more accessible to all.”

— Alexandra Welch, Co-FOUNDER


Harvester is a two sided online platform for members of the urban agriculture community. Organized by user profiles, Harvester will allow business and individuals the ability to connect and collaborate through the sharing of data from different functions within the supply chain. 

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help urban agriculture thrive and prosper. We aim to utilize technology to power an on demand economy by improving the global supply chain for urban agricultural products.

We aim to grow communities, ideas and knowledge in the urban farming sector. 

By uniting unconventional thinkers and doers transforming food and agriculture around the globe. 



of the worlds land is available to grow crops

 9 billion

more people are expected to live on this planet by 2050


more food is needed to be grown by 2050


Agrifood is the least digitized industry and a top 5 investment priority. Merchants such as accelerators, incubators, service apps, co-working spaces, media companies, and other agrifoodtech industry players are the key data users. They need data to understand what we as consumers and businesses want! 

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Plant a seed with us today! 

At Harvester we beg the question: What if we change the business model of companies and create a sharing economy around agricultural data, tools and resources? We aim to introduce a philosophy of a nature of life in a technological world. 

We think that there are two key steps to efficiently meeting food related challenges and respecting the interests of individuals to the greatest possible extent.

One of the most important steps toward the goal of greater engagement is that the citizens & businesses themselves are able to become involved in urban planning.

If you share our values and ambitions; or are a part of such an organisation, community or business. Plant a seed with us today! 

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